May 2012

May 2nd:- MC Stephen Bujega introduces Slap & Giggle, Marcus Barlow, James Oakley, Chris Kay, Tina Mostyn, Martin Henshall plus more TBC

May 9th:- MC Richard Massara introduces Tony Simpson, Lindsey Davies, Shahid Khan, Alex Flitcroft, Lee Rowlandson., Josh Walker, Eric Ex Ex Gmex and Paul Martin.

May 16th: – MC Rachel Fairburn introduces Harriet Dyer (1 Hour Edinburgh preview) plus Niamh Marron (Eire) and Penella Mellor.

May 23rd:- MC David McAndrew introduces Levi , Sketchy Theatre Co., Lee Tommo, Craig Sample, Jack Shaw , Simon Parker, Joe Collett and Johnny Greatrex

May 30th:- Jack Evans introduces Headliner TBC plus Greg O’Toole , Casey Dorgan, Josh Matthews, Ian Crawford from the Steel & Cutlery Manufacturers Association, Dave Bedlow    plus more TBC


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