June 13th: Hanks and Conran – Pigs In Blankets

Hanks and Conran: Pigs In Blankets – The Show
These two make me honk with laughter” – Sarah Millican

The comedy double act. What really goes on behind closed doors? Pigs In Blankets looks at the relationship and chemistry on stage, and off, between Susan (Hanks) and Lou (Conran).
When one half never finishes and the other half barely starts, is it ever possible to achieve their quest, of forming the ultimate comedy duo?

During the show, we discover Susan’s childhood obsession with a poplar 1980’s comedian. Lou endeavours to surprise Susan by inviting said comedian to join their show, which falls short of disappointing, and leads to a special guest appearance, of a sort.

Almost an hour of stand- up comedy, this is Hanks and Conran doing what they do best. Bantering, bickering, and beguiling, this show promises to leave you as happy as a pig in…..well, a blanket.


Plus supporting sets from Ruth Bruce, Laura Machin and Mike Farmer, with MC Rex Purnell


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