May 16th: Harriet Dyer – What A Palaver

“What A Palaver” -Recently rejiggled tales of palaversome girth!

Harriet strongly believes that she lives in a recently modified version of ‘The Truman Show,’ due to the fact that shizzle often seems too fooked up to not be staged!

From a sporadic seagull flying into her head and knocking her unconscious to her dad leaving her mum after 30 years of marriage for another man (he was in a Petshop Boys tribute band, how the dickens did they not realise??) To her even becoming a little bit of a crack head at the age of 21 and living her life as Kat Slater from Eastenders for 2 years… Yes indeed, a palaver does always occur!

Come on down for fun and frolics… Let the madness commence!

She’s got funny bones!” – Kevin Bridges

Not just your average female comic, lovely and engaging off the wall stories and stage presence!” – Nottingham Comedy Festival | Twitter

Plus supporting sets from Ireland’s Niamh Marron “absolutely rocked the room. Her observations of daily life are of the side splitting hilarity type.” –

+Penella Mellor, Katie Tracey and MC Rachel Fairburn (City Life Finalist / Laughing Cows)


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