July 11th: Seymour Mace – Squeg! and Bob Darwin – Look At The Teeth On That!

It’s the first week in March and I’m trying to force my fragile little inklings out of their brain hole into an orderly paragraph for your reading pleasure.

Like being pregnant and trying to describe exactly who my child will grow up to be. It’s a baby for gods’ sake! Can’t you just let it grow in its own way?!

I’ve had enough of this! I’m going to my mothers for the weekend and don’t try to call me because I
won’t answer!

Relentless Originality – Guardian.

Brilliantly Weird – Chortle.

Manic and Gripping – British Comedy Guide.

Seymourmace.co.uk | Twitter

Bob Darwin – Look At The Teeth On That!

Aussie dangerous animal expert and general nice bloke ‘Bob Darwin’ with his world tour of ‘Look At The Teeth On That’.

A show about animals, survival in the outback and the odd loose woman.

MC  Richard Massara


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