14th June 2012


Well, we’ve got the Edinburgh preview season well and truly underway with 2 great shows from Harriet Dyer and Hanks and Conran, who should both have a brilliant run if their nights at the Balloon are anything to go by.

Details of all the Edinburgh preview shows are now live on the website – click on the link above for more.  Here’s a sneak preview of next week’s headliner Ro Campbell….


Anyway, why the new NEWS tab, you may be asking?

Well, as far as we can remember the Balloon has started at 8:45pm and had 2 sections with one break.  After speaking to the acts and watching the shows for the past 6 months it seems to make more sense if we have 3 sections with 2 breaks, so from August 1st we’ll be starting at 8:30pm.


As the Edinburgh previews take up half the show we’ve currently got a bit of a backlog of people who’ve asked for gigs.  If this includes you, rest assured you’ll be contacted asap.

August is almost booked up now so the Sept – Dec diary has been opened.  To say I only started booking for the Balloon in January it feels like the year is zipping by – I keep having to pinch myself to be reminded it’s only June 🙂


Finally, if you’d like to be added to the mailing list just send an email with mailing list as the header and we’ll do the rest. We’ll never pass your details on to anybody else, and we never spam.  Failing that, say hi on Facebook or Twitter

That was the news on Comedy Balloon, here’s Tom with the weather 😉


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