Jan / Feb 2013

Jan 23rd 

MC Lewis “Big Lou” Jones introduces Matthew Hutson plus Bilal Zafar, Maxine Jones, Sam Smith, Carl Lawrence, Des Sharples and more TBC

Jan 30th

MC TBC introduces Chris Turner (Leicester Comedy Festival preview) plus Joe Collett, James Gull, Martin Kay more TBC

Feb 6th

MC Dianne Fitton introduces David Jesudason plus Janet Taylor, Antonionioni, Gaye Cooper Jones, Charlie Benson, Ms Phyllis Von Hoist, James Avery and 1 more TBC.

Feb 13th

MC Mark Smart introduces The Two Old Codgers, Simon D. Heaven, Mike Edge & more TBC

Feb 20th

MC Adam Blaize introduces Kieran Lawless, Casey Dorgan, Dan Bland & more TBC

Feb 27th 

MC Will Setchell introduces Red Redmond plus Bill Sharples, Adam Spencer & more TBC



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