– 30th April 2014 –

MC TBC with Rajin Chowdhury
Theresa Farlow, Mike Milling, Joe Spencer-Welsh
Pesha-Lily, Karl with a K, Lindsey Ladhams, Fionn Spikezzig

– May 7th 2014 –

MC TBC with Wizzy Janew
Joe Tree, Zacharias Zannettou, Brian Macdiarmada
Paul Risebury-Crisp, Gary Lunt, Kev Eadie & Josh Walker

– May 14th 2014 –

MC Peter Brush with Kerry Leigh
Jonathan Hipkiss, Luke Helly, Tara Donelon
More TBC

-May 21st 2014 –

MC Rob Alexander with Jack Evans
Johnny Greatrex, Maxine Jones, Camron Phoenix
James Marsh, Simon D Heaven

-May 28th 2014 –

MC Nathan Hudson with Joe Collett
Jon Newall, Kane Martin, Eddie Harris
Peter Turton, Les Connelly & more TBC


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