Sept 24th

Mc Jase with Ian Seaburn
Joe Collett, Joe White, Rusty Sheriffs &
some special guests

MC Kev Eadie with Kieran Lawless (30 minute set)
Benji Pearce, Carl Jones, Jack Deighton, Chris Giles

Oct 8th
MC Tom Short with Jack Evans, plus
Simon Butterworth, Liam Tuffy, Daniel Swagadore
Taryn Rodgers, Fletch, Tash Goldstone & more

Oct 15th
MC Nathan Hudson
Andy mannion, El Purnell, Carl Crosse
Meredith Evans, Andrew Payne, Maxine Wade & James Christopher

Oct 22nd
MC Mark Williams
Diane Stewart, Norm Baker, Mike Oates
Paul Henry, Lulu Reubens & more TBC

Oct 29th
MC Jo D’Arcy with “Johnny Machine presents A Very Hairy Bob”
Neil P Shawcross, Liam Pollard, Clayton Jones
Chris Haigh, AJ, Brad Stolof

Nov 5th
MC TBC with Andrew Marsh
Danielle Longworth, Jamie Hutchinson, John Lean & more TBC

Nov 12th
MC Daniel Barnes
Charley Mantack, Jon Newall, Harold Huntley
Todd Williams, Sam & Tom
More TBC

Nov 19th
MC Luke Helly
Chris Kehoe, Paul NIghtingale, Matt Leigh
Lucy Thompson, Ian Rackham

Nov 26th
MC Tom Little
Lauren Pattison, Mike Milling, Sam Potter
Ben Sutton & more TBC


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