15TH April
MC Luke Helly, with
Kieran Taylor, Oliver Sykes, Marc Iles
Mark O Rourke, Robyn Ellis, James Konnanov
and Jasmine Fisher

22nd April
MC Sophie Willan, with
AJ Hill, Harold Huntley,
Dawn Rigby, Andrew Tildesley, Ben Sutton
and Rajin Chowdhury

29th April
MC Adam Blaize, with
Ben Wells, James Shakeshaft, Bill Sharples
Rich, Thick and Creamy, Rob Mitchell, Paul Henry
Julian Lee and Sam Potter

6th May
Hovis Presley Tribute Night
MC Jason “Entertainment” Cooke, with
Des Sharples, John Goodfellow, Tony Kinsella
Tony Burgess, Chris Kehoe, Thick Richard
Pete Slater, The Mighty Swob, Rich Davenport
Mel Ashcroft, Gordon Zola, Bootleg Mark Chapmans
Marvin Cheeseman and Geoff Taylor

13th May
MC Teresa Farlowe, with
Anne Hickey, Liam Hale, Danny Holt
Thomas Rackham & more TBC

20th May
MC Mike Milling, with
Thaddeus Bent, Terry Arlarse, Ivor Tymchack
Royston Baker, Cal Doughty
More TBC

27th May
MC Chris Kehoe, with
Jonathan Collins, Pesha Lily, Eddie Stewart
Graham Milton, Teddy Murray, Ian Dunn-Birch
Liam Tuffy & more TBC

June & July are Edinburgh Preview shows;
details very soon!


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